20 Live Plants That You Can Buy from Amazon

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I undoubtedly have a love for all things house plants and gardening. I’m always looking for new plants to add to my collection. Any time I go to a Walmart or a King Soopers, I always stop by the gardening area.

I try to do as much shopping as I can online, usually on Amazon. So imagine my complete and utter delight when I found out that Amazon sells live plants!!! A vast array of them, too. 😍

What’s better than going plant shopping online and having them delivered right to your door?

Below, I’ve made a list of my top 20 live plants that you can buy from Amazon…

1. Marble Queen Pothos

Preferring medium to bright indirect light, and moderate watering, this Marble Queen Pothos is a beautiful, easy-care plant. A great new addition to anyone’s plant collection.

2. Snake Plant

Known to some as the un-killable plant, Snake Plants are super easy to take care of. They prefer bright light, but can handle almost any lighting. As for water, let the soil dry out completely before re-watering, about 2-3 weeks. According to NASA, these plants are also SUPER air-purifiers. Definitely an indoor MUST!

3. Chinese Money Tree

It’s said that whoever owns and takes care of a money tree will be blessed with good luck and financial abundance.  I like to think that this is true whenever I water my tree. 😄 Care for this bonsai is super easy – medium to bright indirect lighting, and lotsss of water. Definitely wait for the top part of the soil to dry out between watering, but when you do water it, water abundantly. Let the water run through into the drainage pan, let it sit for a few minutes, then empty the drainage pan. This bonsai is perfect for people who have a tendency to over-water their plants.

4. Majesty Palm Tree

This Majesty Palm Tree is also a really good option for those who have a tendency to over-water their plants. Water when the top feels slightly dry, but never let the soil dry out completely. This tree WILL get root rot, though, so don’t let it sit in a drainage pan full of water. They also like bright, indirect light.

5. Monstera

When planted outside, this Monstera plant will grow delicious edible fruit. It probably won’t grow fruit when grown inside, but you can try. This plant also prefers bright, indirect light, but is prone to sunburn. Water when the top of the soil is dry, and again, don’t let the roots sit in soggy soil, or they will rot. Fertilize and prune regularly.

6. Boston Fern

Boston ferns take a little bit more care, but they’re still relatively simple. They also like bright indoor lighting, with partial shade. They prefer a humid habitat, so keep a tray of rocks with water under the pot, or mist regularly with warm water. Make sure the soil drains well, but stays slightly damp between watering. Keep it drier in the winter. If you ever take your plant outside, make sure it’s in the shade or dappled shade. If any of the fronds start to die, trim them at soil level. Enjoy watching your beautiful Boston Fern grow!

7. Snow White Zebra Plant

One of these plants won’t last you for very long (a few years), so propagation is an important process to keep your original plant alive. Just stick a clipping in a glass of water until it roots out, plant in a well draining soil mix, and water regularly. These plants also like humidity, so mist them with water regularly. These Zebra Plants will bloom, too, if you take care of them right. In the early winter, these plants go into a semi-dormancy, and growth will slow down. Don’t let the soil dry out, but reduce watering during this time. By late winter, you’ll notice new growth. Once this happens, use a weak fertilizer about twice a month, and move to a really sunny window. You’ll notice the blooms start to grow soon!

8. ZZ Plant

One of the easiest house plants to take care of, the ZZ Plant requires minimal care. This plant prefers bright, indirect light, but can live in any kind of lighting. Water thoroughly, and take care to empty the drainage pan. Then allow the dirt to dry completely before watering again. Don’t allow the plant to get too cold, and it’ll survive for a long time!

9. Asparagus Fern

This plant requires humidity to keep the fronds springy and green. Keep a tray of rocks with water under the pot, and mist regularly. Water plant when the top soil starts drying out, but don’t let the soil get soggy. Keep in bright, indirect light, and repot every few years. These plants like to be pot bound, so only upgrade the pot by a few inches each time, and no need to divide the original plant to keep it happy (though it is possible).

10. Spider Plant

Spider plants are so rewarding with the right care. These plants will grow little spiderlings and little white flowers when it’s happy, and you can propagate the spiderlings to grow new little plants! They need lots of bright indirect light and lots of water. They can tolerate shade, but might respond with a few brown leaves. Rewater your spider plant when it’s top soil starts to get dry, but don’t let the soil dry out all the way. Your plant will get HUGE if you give it the right care.

11. Hawaiian Umbrella Tree

This bonsai tree is a wonderful addition to anyone’s inside or outside garden. Keep your bonsai in it’s pot of course, but it loves being outside in the spring and summer. Just bring it back inside once night temps start reaching the 40’s.  Water thoroughly, and never let the soil become dry. In the winter, make sure the plant isn’t getting dried out by placing a tray of rocks with water under or near the tree. Fertilize once a month in the warmer months, and decrease during the winter. Enjoy watching your bonsai thrive!

12. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an incredibly useful plant. The gel from inside the leaves can be easily harvested and used medicinally, or as a beauty product. Care for this plant is relatively easy. Aloe Vera is a succulent, which means it stores water in its leaves, and it doesn’t need to be replenished often. First off, make sure your aloe is planted in cactus/succulent mix (here’s a good one) and in a pot with sufficient drainage. Terra Cotta is preferred, because it will help prevent the soil from retaining too much moisture. Water your plant about once a month, or every three weeks, and decrease that amount in the winter. Make sure the plant gets lots of bright indirect light, but stay out of direct sun. Direct sun rays will scorch the leaves and turn them yellow.

Aloe Vera plants also produce little pups, which you can separate from the mother plant and grow in its own pot. This propagation method is similar to that of other succulents; make sure where you separate it from the mother plant has dried out completely before planting in soil. Once it’s all dried up (it’ll take a few days), plant in soil, ignore for a week, then water sparingly until you notice new growth. Then take care of your pup like you would its mother! Enjoy your beautiful Aloe Vera succulents.

13. Alocasia

These are beautiful, fast-growing plants. New leaves will sprout up regularly during warmer months. Plant in fast-draining soil, with a sufficiently draining pot. While these guys love water, they are easily susceptible to root rot. Try to let the first few inches of soil dry out before re-watering. Alocasia, or elephant ears, also like bright, indirect light, so leave it near a window, or outside in the shade during the summer. These guys thrive in warm, humid environments, so mist regularly, or keep a tray of rocks with water under the plant, and don’t let the plant stay somewhere that gets cold. There’s a bunch of different varieties of these plants, so find one that suits you and enjoy watching it grow!

14. English Ivy

English Ivy is a great indoor or outdoor plant. When outside, water once to twice a week and try to keep out of full sun exposure. Trim and prune until it grows into a thick carpet, or allow it to grow up a trellis or some wire. When inside, make sure it gets bright indirect light, and some partial shade. For watering, allow the top soil to dry out, then water thoroughly until it runs out into the drainage pan. Discard drainage water. Enjoy watching your vine lengthen and grow!

15. Air Plants

Air plants, as their name indicates, grow and survive without soil, relying entirely on air circulation and water. To water, rinse your plant in the sink regularly, and if possible, let them sit in the water overnight. If they’re fastened to some sort of decoration, mist thoroughly once a week. If you’re lucky, your plant might bloom for you! There’s a bunch of different kinds of these plants, those with silver foliage being the most hardy. Go wild, and enjoy your living decoration!

16. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo are so easy to take care of, and are so rewarding. These guys grow in sand and rocks instead of soil, and the roots are submersed in water at all times. With regular water changes, monthly fertilizer, and occasional re-potting, your bamboo will soon grow into a tree! If you wanna see how big (one of) mine is, check out my other blog post on house plants!

17. String of Pearls & Donkey’s Tail

As far as succulents go, these two are some of my favorites (though the list is long! 😁). Since they’re both succulents, they both require minimal care.

For the String of Pearls, keep it in bright, indirect light and don’t allow it to get too cold. Water until the water runs into the drainage pan, discard the water, then allow the soil to dry out COMPLETELY and remain dry for about two more weeks. You usually should not be watering it more than once a month. In the winter, water it just enough to dampen the soil.

For the Donkey’s Tail, it’s pretty much the same. They prefer bright, indirect light, but don’t mind getting cold. Just don’t allow it to stay cold. Don’t water them too much, they have a lot of water-filled leaves, so it’s easy for it to rot; you should only be watering it about once a month.

18. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus has all kinds of medicinal benefits. Use it in your laundry or in cleaning products to kill bacteria and even insects. I use Eucalyptus oil in my humidifier during cold season. Eucalyptus can grow inside or outside, and will grow rapidly, soon turning into a tree or bush. If it’s a new plant, water weekly and keep in bright light, direct or indirect. You may keep it outside in a warm, sunny location. Bring it inside once autumn frost lasts longer than a few days, or your plant will get damaged. Enjoy growing a wonderful smelling plant!

19. Jade Plant

Jade plants are beautiful little houseplants, with easy care. Water when the top soil feels dry, but don’t let it dry out completely. Their roots are sensitive, so when you fertilize, water normally, then pour in the fertilizer water, to prevent root damage. Make sure they get lots of bright sunlight, or they won’t grow right. That’s it!

20. Lavender

Lavender is another really great medicinal herb, used in a wide array of things. Taking care of your own plant at home can be relatively easy, with the right care. Make sure your plant gets lots of bright sunlight, and is planted with at least an inch of gravel to ensure good drainage and proper root growth. Water only when the soil feels dry, and no need to water thoroughly. Just ensure that the roots get wet. If your plant is happy, it will bloom. Feel free to snip these and harvest the buds for a variety of purposes. Clipping the flowers will reserve energy for the plant to grow stronger. Enjoy your amazing smelling plant!

These are my top 20 favorite houseplants…

…to grow indoors or out. I have a lot of these plants already, and would love to add the rest to my collection. Let me know what your favorite plant is in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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