Hi! My name is Torri. I am a 19 year old mom to a beautiful 2 year old girl. I want an amazing, healthy life for my daughter, and I am determined to make that happen.

My amazing boyfriend and I are saving up and looking to buy a house! This is a huge journey for us, and we need all the support we can get!

I have a lot of big dreams and goals in life, and this blog is one of them! Join me in my journey of being a mom, buying a house, and livin’ my best life!


I love healthy habits, and try to incorporate them into my everyday life. Yoga is a must in my day-to-day routine. I enjoy looking for different ways to save money, especially thrifting and being environmentally friendly. I love DIY’s, crafts, and art. I’m always looking for new things to make, re-purpose, or paint. I’m passionate about herbs and natural remedies. I’m a pagan, and if I identified with anything specifically, it would be a green witch. Plants are my weakness. I will always buy more, even when I run out of space! My goal (once we own a house) is to plant a full flower and veggie garden! 😍

I started this blog to maybe generate a little extra cash for the house, but mostly, I’ve always wanted to start my very own blog. I would love to write my own helpful DIY’s and recipes. I’ve always turned to other blogs for inspiration, now it’s time to write my own! Thanks for joining my journey!


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